Kayaking in Tenerife

Kayaking in Tenerife | From 36 € / 2 hours | Book on-line or call us +34 602 653 293 (WhatsApp)

From Los Cristianos

Kayak Safari in Tenerife

Kayaking in Tenerife is an opportunity to get acquainted with the nature of the Atlantic. Here you can book a two-hour walk at a price of 36 €. We provide a shuttle service and equipment for snorkeling.

free transfer tenerife south


We provide two-way transfer in the south of Tenerife, within the zone from Callao Salvaje to Golf del Sur (including Playa Paraiso, La Caleta, Adeje, Las Americas). Transfer from other zones is provided at a preliminary agreement, an extra fee may be charged.



Combine your Kayak safari with discovery of the wonderful underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean. You will see sea turtles, rays, various fish. Within a tour, we provide you with new snorkeling masks which make your diving and breathing more comfortable.


During a tour, we will take pictures. After the tour, you can purchase pictures, which will remind you of vivid emotions of your vacation and sunny Tenerife. We use a professional camera what ensures quality photos and unforgettable memories.

Experience and special training are not required

Children above the age of 6 can ride in the company of adults.


Booking a 2-hours trip

If possible, book in advance (2-3 days before your trip)
Contact Information
In international format: +44 7911 123456
One or two people in a kayak
Each kayak has one child seat, which does not need to row
Each kayak has one child seat, which does not need to row
Each kayak has one child seat, which does not need to row
Each kayak has one child seat, which does not need to row
You Order
Kayak is designed for two adults + one kid 6–10 years old
You will be able to pay after confirmation of the order

How is it going to be?

  1. Fill the form in this page and press the button “BOOK NOW”. We will receive your application and contact you to confirm the exact time of the tour and the place where we shall take you from. If you choose online payment, we will send you a form for payment by credit card.
  2. At the agreed time, our minibus will pick you up from an appointed place. Upon arriving at the starting point in Los Cristianos, you will be able to change clothes and leave your stuff in a special storage place for your tour time.
  3. We will provide you with a relevant life jacket and instruct you. Now, you are ready for the tour.
  4. You will go on a kayak safari to discovery of Tenerife from a new perspective. You will enjoy seeing the National Park Teide, coastline cliffs, inaccessible caves, fish farms, cozy bays, and beautiful marine world. Also you can see dolphins and marine turtles.
  5. In the middle of the tour, we will make a stop to have rest and explore the underwater world while snorkeling.
  6. After restoring and snorkeling with masks, we will embark on the return voyage.
  7. After arriving, you can look at pictures of your tour and purchase them.
  8. When you are ready for a trip after having changed clothes, our minibus takes you back to your hotel or apartments.

Exciting Routes

Our routes are designed so that you do not need to row for long in anticipation of something interesting. You will see rocks, grottoes, fish and turtles almost immediately after the start from Los Cristianos.

Also, we provide

  • A safe place for storing your effects (clothes, phones, values etc.)
  • Fresh water
  • Sun protection accessories
  • Life jackets
  • Dry suits (in case of the cool weather)
  • Snorkeling equipment
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Modern sea kayaks

In our fleet there are only new, easy-to-handle, maneuverable and stable sea kayaks capable of taking on board 2 adults and 1 child. Kayaks provide a predictable style of behavior on the water and excellent visibility.

Answering your questions

Do not worry, it is not difficult to operate a kayak. With this, both children and people aged are successfully coping.

Please contact us +34 602 653 293 or through WhatsApp (press to start the chat) and we will offer you special conditions.

We have special lockers for clothes and values of our clients.

If your circumstances have changed and you cannot take part in the safari or you want to change the time and date, please, preliminarily notify our manager +34 602 653 293 or through WhatsApp.

We also have Jet Skis

from 69 €

Take a look at jetskiingtenerife.com

We also have Jet Skis

from 69 €

Take a look at jetskiingtenerife.com